Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sawkille Collective

im actually sorta at a loss for words - having just stumbled upon the beautiful work being made here at the Sawkille Collective.

tucked away in the catskill mountains a group of artists are working to create some of the most inspired american furniture i have ever seen. I love how it plays off the familiar shaker styles so indicative of this region - simple, functional,beautiful - but with an ultra modern twist.

bravo! i cant wait to visit and oh how honored i would be to have one of these extra lean stools in home


  1. I'm so completely in love with this range. I believe the same guy was behind BDDW, which I also LOVE!

  2. the person you are referring to (co-founder of BDDW) is joshua vogel, and he is not affiliated with SAWKILLE Co. he did however consult on some of their newer furniture designs and design/build of their new showroom.

    joshua's work can be seen through his company, blackcreek mercantile & trading co.


  3. thank you both for introducing me to two other wonderful artists/collectives. and thank you BCM&T for the clarity on the stunning work of Joshua Vogel. His obvious love and appreciation of american woodworking and furniture design is inspiring.