Monday, September 7, 2009

lighting by serge mouille

remember the perfect little farmhouse in chapsal france? and do you remember the amazing light fixture that i fell in love with? check here for a second look -
well my dear friend was good enough to get me the name of the designer of that lamp - serge mouille. a lighting designer from france who began designing light fixtures around 1950 - he his mantra - he wanted something simple, sleek and elegant in the face of the ornate italian designs he saw being imported to france! bravo!! because these fixtures are just that - strong, and chic with out over powering but without fading into the background either - the only down side, ill start saving now -
this is definitely a fantasy items for me!

im loving the slight curve of this pendant light! three of these over a kitchen island - ahhhhhh perfection. and below i included a photo of one of mouille's lamps in a home, albeit a perfect home, but as a scrolled through so many of the decor photos had this lamp paired with super modern designs - but i love letting it slip in among more relaxed and casual decor, just like the chapsal farmhouse - it looks so good!

p.s. thats also a hans wegner shell chair in the background - hummm wegner and mouille a match made in heaven?

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